Tuesday, February 1, 2011

neena's chord : Fall For You

Fall For You

Am                                                         F                                                                            
The best thing bout tonight that we’re not fighthing                                                                   
C                                                            G                        
Could it be that we’ve been this way before      
Am                                               F                                                                 
I know you don’t think that im trying                   
C                                                         G                                                          
I know you wearing thin down to the core   

F G C Am F G                                                                             
But hold your breath                                       
Because tonight will be the night                    
That I will fall for you over again                      
That makes me change my mind           
C Am F G Am                                                                            
Or I wan’t live to see another day                           
I swear it’s true                                                                            
Because a girl like you it’s impossible to find 
You’re impossible to find        

F C G     

Am F C G Am F C G                                                             
This is not what im intended                                                              
I always swore to you I never fell apart                                  
You always thought that I was stronger                                  
I may have failed but I love you from the start 
So breath in so deep                                                      
Breath in me im yours to keep                                               
And hold on to your words cause talk is cheap     
And remember  me tonight when you’re asleep

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