Friday, July 10, 2009


masa ngn tarikh kt bl0g nih ikut mse US kah???
very de p0wer

finally bley sh0pping2!!! huhuu~

ptptn finally bank in da m0ney..
dats it!!!
n0thing else 2 say....
sat g abes la tuh..
what ever it is dis time i w0n't miss 2 buy everything dat i want 2....
i dont really care

Friday, July 3, 2009

read this~~~ heheee

The girl's name Nina \n(i)-na\ is pronounced NEE-nah, NYNE-ah. It is of Spanish and Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "little girl; great-granddaughter". Also diminutive of Ann (Hebrew) "grace". In Slavic, a short form of names ending with -nina, such as Antonina. Neena is also a Hindi name meaning "pretty eyes". Nina was the name of one of Christopher Columbus's three ships. Ballerina Dame Ninette de Valois.

im n0t created dis...hehehee..
(jumpa s0mewhere..)
mmg my family pggl cm nih...huhu

j0m kembali ke kuliah!!!!!!!!

n0t dat im soo00 excited but what ever happen clas must g0 0n...hahaa
anyway, im soo000 b0red........
being al0ne with n0 0ne ar0und...
plus my ankle suddenly hurt...urgh!!!!!!!!
struggle finish up my rep0rt...
being w0rst..there's n0 f00d left!!!
huhuuu... lapar~~
hurmm.....n0thing can make me smile n0w.....

LARKIN amazing race~~~

after the pr0g cm biasela everyone wants 2 go h0me dat day jgk....(x menyabar bt0l)
berebut!!!!! ingat rumah lari ke ape.
the great UPSI bus send us 2 larkin bustation...and again i have 2 by my own ticket as i go 2 kota earlier...
s0mething funny happen...(rasenye la)
after the bus st0p we are rushing 2 find ticket counter 2 buy the ticket 2 muar...
the funny thing is we d0nt have the time 2 change our outfit....we all wear pr0g t-shirt dats in red....
as we rushing, running..(very the drama tau...) its l00k like amazing race or explore or any race dats sh0ws on tv 2....hahahaaa
soo000..funny..i d0nt kn0w wat people think...
i think myb s0me of l0cal pe0ple find if there's camera anywhere kn...(mane tau bt0l ade race..hahahaa)
and the n one of my friend g0t the earliest ticket than the others yg nak balek sgt tuh...(apela...beria bratur tuk ticket yg da xde lastly kne beli ticket len...pelik org cm tuh)
papepn...thankfull there's n0thing happen c0s i have 2 wait f0r my uncle at t0l pag0h as i asked the driver 2 st0p there as its the nearest place fr0m my h0me...(terpakse la....)
sem baek jz half an h0ur...(klau lebih dari 2 mau meraung....huhuuu)

(Sunday 7 June 2009, 10.30 p.m)

pr0g ibu ayah

one of very interesting xtxt in the pr0g...i saw man drama by all student.they cried 2 what they have d0ne 2 their parent or anything dats t0uch their feeling...
and of c0s me als0....(menangis puas2 padahal pk benda len) hahahaaa..
what am i crying ab0ut????
that stupid result la!!!!!!!!!
i can't call my parent....(nnt ape lak d0rg ckp kn...)
but anyway...i d0 call s0meone...
soo000...guess who???? si tggi la......
but what i g0t???
die ktawa!!! n paling x tahan his being so sarcastic....eeeeeeeee...geram!!!(si0d je)
he said dat im such a baby sbb menangis...haish!!! (xpatut!!!!)

( Thursday 4 June 2009, 11.55 p.m)

result hampeh!!!!!!!!!!!

as i expected my result SUCKS!!!!!!!! damn it!!!!!!!! huh such a horrible!!!!!
i d0nt kn0w h0w can i push up my pngk again...
very sad l0r....
wat 2 d0??????!!!!!!

(Thursday 4th June 2009, 8.05 p.m)

K0ta Tggi here i c0me!!!

right after my R0s is d0ne...2 days letter i g0 2 k0ta tinggi 2 j0in a pr0g dat Kem M0tivasi kepimpinan & kecemerlangan SPM 2009
im actually n0t really like dat kind of pr0g..and i d0nt kn0w h0w can i be there..hehehe (blur k0n0n..)
f0r da usual a bit b0ring la kn....
im try 2 adapt in new envir0ment (bayangkan...7 hari!!!!), new friend, new pe0ple...
kind funny f0r 1st m0rning...s0me fasi will 2 get up as early as they can semata2 nak mandi..hahahaa
and end up everyone being late as time g0es by...
why??? we d0nt have 2 s0lat at surau c0s surau being soo00 pack with all student..hehehee
s0, after take a sh0wer s0me of us (including me) tid0 balek.... ngeeee~~
day after day...i seems can adapt with th0se rutined and all the activity....kind a enj0y actually...especially singing...heheee (kar0k free~~ mlalak puas2)

(Wednesday 3rd June 2009, 11.46 p.m)

f0rget l0r~~

silent m0de kejap sbb holiday l0r...
soo00 publish all after h0liday...(umh xda intrnet)


im supprisingly quite enj0y my R0S
myb because we r 2 c0mf0rtable being pampered by all teachers in my sch00l..hehehee
d0nt kn0w...myb they n0t really understand h0w R0S supposed 2 be...hehehee
and we as usual take advantage in this kind of situation by doing nothing.ngeee~~
and we sh0uld be grateful because sch00l is having their exam and guess what??? im d0nt have 2 relief a single clas at all...hahahaaa
soo000...snap2 picture la....hehee (rutin harian)
errrr... d0nt think dat im n0t d0ing anything at all ae....
i have 2 be assistant 2 the teacher that in charge in everything b0ut the exam (dats my uncle)...huhuuuu..i have 2 be da p0stman (is dat the right w0rd? i d0nt kn0w..hehee) by sending da question paper n also the testpad and anything dat being needed by any teacher.
im also help s0me teacher d0ing THEIR WORK ya...hehehe (cam tak ikhlas jerk) xdela..ikhlas walaupun banyak tp best.typing letter...koko thing...hack sch00l c0mp...hahahaaa (xdela...i kn0w their passw0rd)
s0 far...i quite happy with my R0s c0s everything are jz g0ing s0 well..(i guess..hehe)
what im enjoying much actually is dat i can freely go here and there and there no 0ne can st0p me..hahahaa..
n0t like while im as a student...have 2 play hide and seek with displined teacher.hahahaa
g0ing everywhere snap a picture...hehee
im actually kind a sad 2 leave my BELOVED sch00l..hahaa (bajet baek)
whatever it is...ha0pely my rep0rt are d0ing well as my R0S..hahahaaa (i bet its n0t)

(Sunday 31st May 2009, 8.30p.m)
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