Friday, July 3, 2009

LARKIN amazing race~~~

after the pr0g cm biasela everyone wants 2 go h0me dat day jgk....(x menyabar bt0l)
berebut!!!!! ingat rumah lari ke ape.
the great UPSI bus send us 2 larkin bustation...and again i have 2 by my own ticket as i go 2 kota earlier...
s0mething funny happen...(rasenye la)
after the bus st0p we are rushing 2 find ticket counter 2 buy the ticket 2 muar...
the funny thing is we d0nt have the time 2 change our outfit....we all wear pr0g t-shirt dats in red....
as we rushing, running..(very the drama tau...) its l00k like amazing race or explore or any race dats sh0ws on tv 2....hahahaaa
soo000..funny..i d0nt kn0w wat people think...
i think myb s0me of l0cal pe0ple find if there's camera anywhere kn...(mane tau bt0l ade race..hahahaa)
and the n one of my friend g0t the earliest ticket than the others yg nak balek sgt tuh...(apela...beria bratur tuk ticket yg da xde lastly kne beli ticket len...pelik org cm tuh)
papepn...thankfull there's n0thing happen c0s i have 2 wait f0r my uncle at t0l pag0h as i asked the driver 2 st0p there as its the nearest place fr0m my h0me...(terpakse la....)
sem baek jz half an h0ur...(klau lebih dari 2 mau meraung....huhuuu)

(Sunday 7 June 2009, 10.30 p.m)

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