Friday, July 3, 2009

K0ta Tggi here i c0me!!!

right after my R0s is d0ne...2 days letter i g0 2 k0ta tinggi 2 j0in a pr0g dat Kem M0tivasi kepimpinan & kecemerlangan SPM 2009
im actually n0t really like dat kind of pr0g..and i d0nt kn0w h0w can i be there..hehehe (blur k0n0n..)
f0r da usual a bit b0ring la kn....
im try 2 adapt in new envir0ment (bayangkan...7 hari!!!!), new friend, new pe0ple...
kind funny f0r 1st m0rning...s0me fasi will 2 get up as early as they can semata2 nak mandi..hahahaa
and end up everyone being late as time g0es by...
why??? we d0nt have 2 s0lat at surau c0s surau being soo00 pack with all student..hehehee
s0, after take a sh0wer s0me of us (including me) tid0 balek.... ngeeee~~
day after day...i seems can adapt with th0se rutined and all the activity....kind a enj0y actually...especially singing...heheee (kar0k free~~ mlalak puas2)

(Wednesday 3rd June 2009, 11.46 p.m)

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