Monday, February 20, 2012

let's speak english !

dis week is english week as last week is 'Minggu Bahasa Melayu' . love dis week damn much coz i can and freely speak english with all the student as they don't really understand Bahasa Melayu well. okay i admit my english not as good as others but at least i try to speak right? hehee not an excuse but i don't have friend or people around me that i can practiced with. thats why we all can't speak english well! same goes with Bahasa Melayu. as i noticed that the chinese student who are friends with other malay friends or even with indian student can speak malay very well . it is because they don't have any other way to speak with them but to have a conversation in malay . so0 same goes to english . they can speak well simply by used english as frequently as possible . let others make fun on us . at least we have tried and don't be a part of the hatters or we will be losers forever . who can improved us but ourselve? 

not very clear picture as its in zoom mode .

last week, all the teachers asked the student to try to speak in malay as many teachers (including me) charged for every single chinese word that they used . i'll try to continued it for this week . the student said that they will charged me back for chinese week . hehehee sorry students i'll not be around starting for next week as i'll going somewhere but you'll still be seeing me every precious second in your life ! hahaa

s0ry for my bad english .. ehek !

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